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My name is Nigel and I am the main designer and owner of Gizmo1 Web Design.

I am a former Consultant Civil Engineer who has changed careers. After 30 years and a successful career I wanted a change and a new challenge.

Web design is a interesting job and involves many of the same sort of skill as required in Engineering. But most importantly I can work from home and run my own business which is a new skill I have always wanted to try.

Things are going well and with the Budgens commission things are doing very well.

About Us

I am working my way towards my final exams to qualify as Master CIW Designer and Adobe Certified professional in Dreamweaver CS4 and Flash CS3. I have the knowledge base, ability and support to create and manage great looking web sites for you. I can create video or I have 3D modeling capabilities to create static models and animations which add life and a fully professional feel to web sites. All you have to do is let me know what you want and I will do the rest. Why not create your space on the web?

As a creative web site designer building beautiful, professional web site solutions for small and medium sized business all over the UK. I provide a full range of high quality services from the initial web site consultation and design right through to attracting visitors from the search engines and turning them into customers. I am passionate about web sites and firmly believe that the right web site will deliver significantly more sales and results for your business. Data gathering is an important marketing tool in the right hands and a web site can deliver buckets of it. Used correctly this can earn you money. Direct marketing being one obvious tool.

I take great pride in my work and can spend many hours getting things just right some times I take too long but quality is what matters and some times it takes a while to turn something from pretty good into something beautiful.

My background is in Civil Engineering I was a Senior Engineer for Scott Wilson for quite sometime. A good grasp of consept and an eye for detail and presentational skills were a must. It also allowed me to get to know about Computer Aided Graphics. Understanding the basics of computer programming is a massive benefit for this type of work.

As you can see I like my 3D graphics, if you visit our section on graphics you can see some other examples.

Laptop computer

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Animated pound coin

The above are some examples of work done in 3D studio or Max as its called. It is one if not the most powerful 3D modeling programme in the world. I use it quite a lot, for instance the barbers pole on the web site is done completely in 3D studio. (one very pleased customer.) Also the rotating badge on the Hicks GB site.