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In this exercise I have solved two problems I had. The first was to animate the color of the progress bar in the new in HTML5 'progress' element (which, in effect you can't do.) So if you are looking for the easy answer it is build your own. It looks identical and is much easier to style and manipulate in js. The second was incidental but irritating. Just setting up a simple way of getting text or numeric input from the Html to the script. I know this should be easy enough but note I said simple. If you look for the answer you will probably find the method that uses the 'form' element with 'action' and 'name' attributes and a submit button. This method is used mainly for sending data to a .php file on a server and can be complicated to make send or parse data into script like js on the page or in a external file. The method I have used here is much cleaner and only required the input element.