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If you have not tried Firefox yet give it a go I think you will like it.

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This is the swf movie or flash animation used on the Ascot barbers web site design

Web Design

We are a creative web design company with the talent, the resources and the experience to do the job. We will carry out all work required to set up your web site, including arranging for the hosting. Which, if its a new site, is free for the first year and then £12-00 plus Vat each year after that.

We give you three priced packages and you decide what you want. You can add things to packages from a priced list or get a quote . We can build in the functionality that will allow you to mange your own site content. We will set up and construct any data bases that maybe required and show you how to use them. If you have any problems we are only a phone call away. Alternatively we can maintain the web site for you, all you have to do is tell us what you want changed and when you want it changed and I will do the rest.

The importance of Valid HTML

The W3C committee is the body set up to standardize the language or code that is used in Web Design, HTML in all it's forms. If your web sites code conforms to the standards then your site is pretty much guaranteed to render or display as intended is every type of browser and will do into the future, as browser specifications change with time. It is also an important factor in your Google ranking, google likes valid code.

Many people try and build their own web sites, using free tools supplied by the host or ISP that they used to register their domain. This often produces something that looks OK'ish but the code will not validate follow this link to find out about validation and valid code. Also there is little you can do with SEO as this is a bit of an art and the tools don't really provide for it. So if you want to get anywhere in Google you need a hand. See our SEO Section for more details on this.

Nearly 50% of my customers have tried the DIY approach and have quickly realized that that it is not satisfactory for a business. Fine for a personal site on an amateur basis but anything else you need something that works in every browser and is future proof. By using valid code and having some organized SEO built in, which can be modified as data becomes available regarding search terms and keywords, you cover all bases. We would strongly recommend having a look at our offers and choose a proven company like ourselves to help you get the most out of the web.

Flash Animation and Web Design

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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This is a typical 'Flash' Slide show. As you can see the picture quality is excellent. All sorts of animations are possible from rotating badges to moving diagrams.

We also use 3Dmax to create amazing realistic animations of 3D objects and models please see our 3D graphics section for more details and some examples.



It is often said in Web Design and SEO circles that "content is King" This means the text has to be relevant to what you are all about and the whole site hangs together as the genuine article. You are who you say you are and you do what you do. Links to and from Business directories are useful ways to promote your business. Particularly if they have a verified customer testimonials service.

Google Guidelines

We follow Goolge's guidelines on web design as well as the W3C standards so you get the best possible compliance with commercial needs and the protection of standards. Not all companies guarantee this. It is worth having a look in their content.