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Here we are going to discuss various types of applications and how they might be useful etc...

I develop applications for business. A typical application we developed recently was for the Compass Removals website. I developed a calculator page that works out the approximate cost of your removal job, by just entering the number of items you have from a comprehensive list divided into logical sections.

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I can use the same type of programming to create any application that requires something to be worked out from some variables that can be input or selected on a web page. So for instance if you wanted to let your customer workout how much of something they are going to need dependent on some variables which they can input or select on a web page, we will develop an application which does just that. Above is an example of such an application. This works out the approximate cost of a web site based on a number of factors.

Currently I am working on a prototype Diet Application that is based around simplicity of user experience. Using simple input buttons rather than text fields that have to be filled in, simple reset facility, push button storage, spacious layout with contextual help and so on. Takes forever but hey ho! That's what I like doing. I will keep you all informed and if any of you are on GitHub I am putting a few small projects up there just for interest really. To see how it works and if anyone does pick up on them. I have always been a bit wary of GitHub as I thought it was a bit high brow and most of the stuff on there is so obscure and complex and does, well not a lot for you and me. But I may be changing my mind; it is not as popular as I thought I saw about 1000 users. Anyway we will see how it goes. I have included a link on the resources page.

In the Sandbox section of this site you will find an index to some past and current code examples and some applications in the process of testing or design and construction. Any one is welcome to have a play and copy the code. If you have any ideas just drop me a mail and we can have a chat.